The producer and Directors of Leaving Darkness had an investor's night recently. I got the great opportunity to put together a video to showcase my talents and their hard work.

Our first of many videos to showcase Stone Fitness' Boot Camp sessions held in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens in Richmond.

Every Saturday Stone along with his posse of trainers hold a fitness regime for the general public. Every weekend without fail people arrive with bells on and put in their all to work out under their trainer's instruction. 

I was invited by director Jennifer Carreno, to capture the behind the scenes going ons of principal photography for Leaving Darkness, a truthful, gritty and disturbing drama about meth addiction and the toll it takes. 

Our Trip to Wilson's Prom

If I get to visit Wilson's Prom in the near future, it won't be soon enough. We got to trek around the Prom and I got to snap a few shots on the way. I would've taken more if I wasn't running around the beach like a mad person with my friends.